We carry out post-processing of cut details according to your wishes.

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We roll both large and thick in all materials, a few or serial production are no problem.


When bending, we bend a workpiece according to the angle and radius required by the construction. We can, among other things, bend sheet metal products for construction (joists, and other light sheet profiles) or small sheet metal parts in industrial components. We also check coarser parts that share buckets that sit on wheel loaders and diggers.


Chamfering is required for a perfect welding result and makes it easy to weld directly in place. This saves time for our customers who do not have to correct the joints. We remove roughness and clean the surface to facilitate welding. Seam preparation can be prepared in conjunction with cutting, which saves a work step in our production. 
Fleroperationsmaskin vid fräsningFleroperationsmaskin vid fräsning

Multi-operation machine

We have multi-operation machines and milling machines where we can process details with tough tolerances.
Bearbetning i form av borrning av hålBearbetning i form av borrning av hål


Drilling was used to take up or enlarge a hole in the material. We can drill big and small.
Bearbetning i form av gängningBearbetning i form av gängning


The most common components we do with threading are screws and nuts, but it seems that we do threads on every possible detail.


Blasted surface provides the best foundation. Blasting effectively removes rust, dirt, paint and various coatings. It is also an effective pre-treatment for painting and other surface treatment. By blasting, small structures are created in the surface which increase the adhesion, which increases the quality and life of the surface treatment.
Förzinkning av detaljer och plåtFörzinkning av detaljer och plåt


We can galvanize all details or products according to your wishes.
Målning av plåtMålning av plåt


We can paint all details or products according to your wishes.