Creusabro® wear plate

Through hardened

Creusabro® wear plate offers new, better material properties compared to traditional water hardened wear plate (HB500) For example for applications in the mining, excavation, crushing and recycling industries. The unique manufacturing process, with carefully controlled oil cooling and adapted metallurgy, results in a wear plate that is hard "straight through" in a completely different way than the most commonly used wear plate (HB500) today.​​​​​​​

Better operating economy

The material retains its hardness up to about 450 ° C, contains Cr and Mo carbides, further hardens the material upon wear and achieves its full wear resistance during use, allowing for a simpler manufacturing process for, for example, cold forming.

With a significantly better wear resistance throughout the thickness of the goods (plate) and a considerably easier formability compared to HB500, Creusabro® enables: - Extended wear life of wear details (typically 30-100% longer service life compared to HB500 sheet metal). - More choices to protect extra exposed parts from wear. - Possibility of increased payload through thinner sheet metal and retained service life. - Better operating economy.

​​​​​​​Bergs Mekaniska is proud to offer ArcelorMittal's product range within Creusabro® and gratefully receives questions about the material and its properties. Products in Creusabro® that we manufacture today.

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