To keep in mind

Helpful information we might acquire:

  • Cutting drawings in PDF and DXF (or DWG).
  • When processing and bending STP file.
  • Clear indication of material quality and thickness.
  • Clear indication of tolerances / sensitive dimensions and possible working months.
  • Curved details in widespread format.
  • Other requirements clearly specified: CC, traceability, flatness, specific desired cutting method etc.
  • Other tasks clearly specified: bending, threading, drilling, blasting etc.
  • In the case of substances that are to be processed, it is of great help that both screen dimensions and finished dimensions are specified.

To keep in mind:

When you order details for your own designs or have the opportunity to customize the design you are working with, there is much you can do to get the best price possible from us at BERGS.

Here are some tips.

1. Volume: The most important factor is the number of details. Every new quality / thickness that we have to cut means time to set all the preparation for cutting (so-called racking cost). Larger volumes of the same quality / thickness mean better price / detail.
2. Delivery time: If you can wait for your details, we can give you a better price. If you have a project, with a large volume of details, it may be relevant for us to order materials directly from the mill instead of from the wholesaler. Then the material cost can be kept down.
3. Tolerances: Tolerances cost. Tighter tolerances, require greater accuracy and more restrictive we become in our choice of production method. Think about where you really need tough tolerances.
4. Same quality / thickness: See also item 1. Try to keep your details within the same quality and thickness, this way you get larger volume per cut = better price.
5. Flexibility: More flexible material quality articles give us greater opportunity to manufacture in a cost-effective way.
6. Certificate / Traceability: Most of BERG's material warehouses are linked to material certificates. Delivering materials with the associated material certificate is therefore easy. On the other hand, delivering the articles with traceability (Internal designation SBH) requires special handling in our production. Think about whether you really need the traceability of the articles for your project.


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