History about us

For over 30 years, Bergs Mekaniska has been run as a genuine family business, always with quality and the customer at its center.
Bergs Mekaniska was started by Sten-Ove Berg in Molkom in 1984. Today the company is run by the second generation, which is the sons Morgan and Per-Inge. We have been in the same place ever since we started. Safe and secure, we have grown and invested in more machines, hired more staff, rebuilt and to the premises. Today we are 40 people working in our modern premises totaling 3500 square meters.

We always want to help small and large companies, and have the position that a customer is always a customer of whatever size. Our niche has always been fast delivery times with good quality, something that has followed with the company over the years. We have customers all over Sweden today, and we supply details to several different industries such as automotive, mining, construction, construction and also the design industry.

​​​​​​​As a customer, you are always guaranteed that your details are produced in the market's latest mechanical technology by competent personnel. A prerequisite for us to deliver the right quality at the right time at a good price.

Contact information

​​​​​​​E-mail: info@bergsmekaniska.se

Important happening throughout the years

  • 1984 Bergs Mekaniska is founded and we invested in our first plasma and gas cutting machines
  • 1995 Extension with new production room and office, a total of 1000 m2
  • 1998 Invested in a water cutting machine
  • 2004 We expanded further with a production space of 1200 square meters
  • 2005 In order to increase our offer, we installed a shot blasting machine
  • 2013 We installed a laser machine, which resulted in a whole new cutting method and new possibilities for our part
  • 2015 Investment in three edge presses which gave us the opportunity to fold the sheet and offer our customers more services
  • 2016 We took a giant step and installed the first processing machine, where we could offer the customer processed details
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2017 We expanded with a tent of 1200 square meters, where we can store materials that are sensitive to, among other things, moisture
  • 2018 Warehouse No. 2 in place. Another 1,200 square meters that we can house, now a total of 2400 square meters of storage space under roof
  • 2019 Investment of 2 UZ-50 edge beveling machines, first in Sweden with this kind of machine.